Every member of our school community will be kind, curious, and resilient with the confidence to take risks, the ability to solve problems, and the agency to positively impact their community and world.


Sleeping Giant School educates minds, inspires hearts, and achieves together. We build community. We nurture and challenge every individual to own their learning and believe in themselves. Through meaningful relationships, everyone grows the will to learn, the skills to thrive, and the thrill of lifelong learning.


Each spring, CMAS is given to elementary and middle school students.The primarily online test requires an average of three to six hours in each subject area  to complete. the CMAS "academic check-up" provides lots of information, such as:

  • how your student is performing on Colorado Academic Standards
  • where there are areas of strength and areas for growth for their learning
  • tracks their academic progress over time

Elementary dates (grades 3 - 5):

  • Math: March 27 - 29

  • English Language Arts:   March 30 - April

  • Science (5th only):  April 10 - 12

Middle School Dates:

  • English Language Arts (morning) :  April 4 - 6

  • Math (afternoon):  April 4 - 6

  • Science (8th only):  April 10 - 12

Parent opt out information

Families who wish to excuse their student from participation in one or more of the state assessments may do so by filling out the district’s opt-out application.  You can also request the Assessment Participation Exemption form to be printed off for you to sign (if your student has not begun taking tests). If you have more than one child, you will need to fill out the form or write a letter for each child to opt out

We encourage our students to participate in all assessments because they provide valuable information to families and educators that show whether students have mastered grade-level content and are on track to graduate prepared for the 21st century. Results from these assessments inform where Steamboat Springs School District can improve curriculum, instruction and leadership in order to ensure that every child receives an equitable education and is on a path to success.

Parent OPT out form

CMAS for parents English

CMAS for parents Spanish

School Year 2022-23 -Online Enrollment Registration for NEW students for and Existing Student Annual Student Update

23 days ago

We now offer the convenience of online enrollment registration and online household updates. 

Watch the video about the process.

Current Students

If your student is currently enrolled in Soda Creek Elementary, Strawberry Park Elementary, Steamboat Springs Middle, Steamboat Springs High, Steamboat Springs Early Childhood Center (preschool) or Yampa Valley High, please click on the link "Existing Student Annual Student Update" to be directed to IC Parent Portal Login and update your household information and acknowledge all annual waivers and releases for your student. 

Preschool students - There are several documents that will need to be printed and completed for preschool consideration of CURRENT and NEW students.

Please have the following information/documents available before you begin updating your portal account:

  • Household Information
  • Parent Information
  • Student Information
  • Emergency contacts (2)
  • Proof of residency

What to Expect in Online Enrollment Registration

Parents/guardians will fill out an online application taking 15-20 minutes, which includes information about members of the household, emergency contacts (2) and student data. Application processing will be handled by the school(s) and notifications will be sent via email as an application moves through the approval process. 

  • You must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, click here to create a Gmail account.
  • You must disable pop-ups, click here to learn how.
  • You must have the required documents in an electronic format to upload. Click here for tech tips to assist in scanning documents with your mobile device and uploading them to your application. 

Please have the following information/documents available before you begin Online Enrollment

  • Household information - physical address, mailing address and phone numbers
  • Parent/Guardian information - FULL LEGAL NAME, work and cell phone numbers; email addresses
  • Student information - demographic and health/medical information. The student name and date of birth should be entered exactly as it is on the birth certificate.
  • Emergency contacts (2) - addresses and phone numbers
  • Prior School - address and phone numbers, if applicable

Interactive Map - Click here to search an address and determine school of attendance

After the online enrollment registration application is processed, you will receive an automated email and information about the next steps to completing the enrollment. 

If you need any help navigating through the registration process, please call the school office.

Sleeping Giant School - Andrea 970-871-7598

Soda Creek Elementary & Preschool   - Annabel 970-871-3398
Strawberry Park Elementary  - Julie 970-871-3498

Steamboat Springs Middle School - Ellin 970-871-3597
Steamboat Springs High School - Colleen 970-871-3610

Kiosks are also available at the school offices BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, if you don't have access to a computer and/or a scanner.